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Orbital Products

There are a number of machines used in the detailing industry, the two most common are high-speed buffers and random orbit machines.  Not long ago, large random orbital machines were the norm for those looking for alternatives to hand waxing/removal or the high-speed buffer.   The random orbital had the advantage of being effective in the application and removal of wax and the machine could even compound and polish.  Not as aggressively as a high speed polisher, but it could to a degree.  A novice detailer could use it without fear of burning the paint.  

The random orbit machine moved in a non-circular motion, unlike the rotary high-speed buffer.  It would move in a manner and at speeds that would not endanger the paint, even if you stayed on one spot for a period of time.  You couldn’t do this with a high-speed buffer; friction built up quickly followed by heat.  

At this time there are random orbit machines available that are smaller and weigh much less than their predecessors.  Like anything else, there are pros and cons that involve random orbit machines and high-speed buffers.  However, both machines offer the detail technician the extra help needed to achieve a better result.  The random orbit also gives the DIY individual an extra tool of manageable size and cost.  The previous professional grade random orbit machines ranged from 12 to 24 lbs.  Now they are available in a size similar to that of a palm sander.

We offer various buffing pads and backing plates designed for both the large and small random orbit machines.  The large random orbits differ from their smaller cousins because they utilize a “drive pad” that attaches to the buffer.  The drive pad acts as mold to wrap one of our terry velour bonnets over.   The terry velour bonnet works for both applying and removing wax or to a lesser degree, polishing and compounding.  The smaller random orbits use foam pads instead of terry velour bonnets, we offer a wide range of pads for these machines.  Also, we have two versions of backing plates common with the two most popular smaller random orbits.  No matter what size or type of random orbit machine; we have the drive pads, backing plates and buffing pads available.

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