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Drying Cloths

There are two types of effective drying cloths available in the professional market today.  One would be a synthetic composition and the other is micro fiber.

The synthetic version is excellent in terms of its ability to dry, retain water, wring and reuse on a constant basis.   A proven product that comes in two sizes: 5 sq ft and 5.5 sq. ft.  Once in a while you can throw it into the washing machine under gentle cycle and air dry to clean.    

The second drying cloth was mentioned already, micro fiber towels.  For the purpose of drying a car, we offer a larger towel cut to 23”x 31”.   Micro fiber is known for its ability to clean while drying.  However, once it is saturated it cannot be wrung free of all water, unlike the above synthetic drying cloth.  No problem, you simply break out a dry cloth and finish the job.   The ability of micro fiber to pick up all water before it hits saturation is remarkable.   

Drying Cloths
Drying Cloths
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