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Automotive Carpet Film

We did extensive research on this product before offering it to our customers.  Carpet film is available in rolls, either 3 mil or 4 mil thickness, 24” wide and perforated every 21”.  We offer rolls of 200’ and 500’ lengths.   Designed to protect new automobile carpets or freshly shampooed carpets, carpet film is excellent for this task.  Ours work particularly well on both dry and damp carpets, the perforations allow for easy tearing as well.  As part of the general specifications for carpet film, ours is printed with “dealer must remove” all over the film.  Our film is exceptional on freshly shampooed carpets; this is a real test of the film’s ability to hold.

There is a number of shipping rate tiers (discounts) based on volume for carpet film. This is due to the weight of the product.  Please check with customer service for further information.

Automotive Carpet Film
Automotive Carpet Film
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